Reasons why People Use Drugs

Drug abuse is harmful to our healthy, but many people use drugs to feel happy followed by high emotions. Drugs like cocaine can make the user feel confident, increased energy, and high self-esteem.Teens begin to use drugs because they see other people doing so especially their friends and even parents, and sometimes its because the drugs are readily available.The reasons why people use drug are:

People Think Drugs Will Help Relieve Stress.f cfcxfscxfscsf

People experience stress and strains in life. People may experience a lot of stress from their place of work, or due to too many responsibilities. Hence resulting in taking drugs for relaxation purposes or as a way to calm down their mind. There can be other serious side effects from taking drugs although some drugs can be very effective in doing so.

Lack Of Confidence

Teens who lack self-confidence say they take drugs, especially alcohol so that they can have the courage to do things they cannot do while they are sober. Other drugs and alcohol tend to alleviate social anxiety and loosen your inhibitions. The idea that if you do anything stupid while drunk nobody will judge you as people will take it that you have consumed too much alcohol or smoked weed.


When people became bored, they think drugs will help them be lively. Boredom is one of the factors in substance abuse for both young adults and teens. People at this age brackets do not have many responsibilities to cater for; they are stress-free; hence drug use is a way to enter into an altered reality.

People Get Physically Injured And Get Hooked On Prescribed Drugs Unintentionally

People at risk of this are anyone with pre-existing injuries elderly and physical laborers. People get injured or experience chronic pain due to deformities they were born with. Doctors prescribe them drugs to help reduce the pain and people quickly build a dependency on the drugs if the drug makes them feel better.

People Think Drugs Will Help Them Fit In

Some people want to fit within their friend’s crew when hanging out. It is likely for one to fall into a trap of taking alcohol and drugs if the friends are also doing it.Peer pressure can cause someone to try things they can not do while they are alone.

Instant Gratification

Alcohol and drugs work quickly. Teenagers use drugs because the initial effects feel real, and they see it is a shortcut to happiness that lasts for a short time